Team Spirit

By Robin

February 9, 2009

Category: By Amy

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This weekend we attended the first two sets of KICS basketball games. Can I just say that they made me very proud to be associated with these kids? The games were so much fun. Both games were held at the opposing school so our little KICS cheering section was overwhelmed. One set of games were held at a boarding school and it felt like the entire school turned out to cheer on their team. We retaliated by using African drums to beat out our cheers and by painting our faces. I’m not sure if the face-paint thing actually helped, but I certainly still have the words “GO KICS” on my cheeks. I sunburned horribly in every part of my face EXCEPT where there was paint. It’s making today’s school day very entertaining for every kid who walks into my classroom.


One Response to “Team Spirit”

  1. Hehe. I would’ve done something like that too, Amy! I’m glad your face can provide some entertainment for the kids. 🙂 Love you!

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