Continuing the rat saga…

Ok, so I’ve blogged once about a rat. I hoped that would be the only rat-related blog for the whole year. I was mistaken.

Two week ago we had a really bad evening. First, a little bird got loose in our house and fluttered about. That wasn’t so bad initially. We befriended the little bird and worked so hard to guide him out the front door…and straight into the teeth of our very high-jumping dog. Sad. Second, I stepped right on a fuzzy black caterpillar as I was turning out the lights for the night. Someone once told me that those creatures were poisonous so I spent a frenzied few minutes in the bathroom pulling the little black caterpillar hairs out of my foot. They felt like fiberglass slivers. Finally,  I went to bed.

The rat struck just after we turned out the lights.

Somehow, it crawled up on the bed without being detected and then crawled RIGHT ACROSS MY FEET!

We turned out the lights, chased the rat into the bathroom and tried to convince the dog that she should kill it. No dice. The rat ran under the bidet (don’t worry, it’s not functional. It’s actually full of rubber duckies) and we stopped up the hole with a towel. Time to head back to bed.

Fast forward to the next night.

I awoke at 3 am to the rat climbing up the mosquito netting two inches from my face. When I tried to turn on the overhead light (there is a string for the light along the wall at the head of our bed) I found that the electricity had conveniently chosen to take a leave of absence. The rat decided this was the perfect opportunity to practice its dance moves in every corner of the room. Robin and I, half asleep/half delirious, found ourselves effectively terrorized by the sounds of the little rodent as it waltzed and cha cha-ed around our bed for the next half hour.

“Robin, it’s just a small thing. The minute you step out of the mosquito netting the rat will be so afraid of your size that it will run away.”

“Amy, it’s three a.m. If I step out of the mosquito netting that rat will run straight up my leg and claw my eyes out!”

And so it went.

The next night we just sat by the door all night clutching baseball bats…well we didn’t actually sit there, but we achieved the same effect with our gigantic menacing rat trap. The rat found out what happens to choreography-minded rodents and we returned to our peaceful nights of slumber.


4 Responses to “Continuing the rat saga…”

  1. Excellently told tale.

  2. Gross. We just finished killing a bunch of mice (not right this second, but this week) who were running around our house at night. It was gross enough hearing them scurry around and then the fatal “snap” when they were caught, but to have it be a rat and to have it touch you…There are no words.

  3. Oh Jess, lots of little mice would be just as bad as one big rat. When I was growing up we used to trap a lot of mice during the winter. Then mom decided to try the sticky traps. They were even worse. It’s no fun trying to scrape a half-dead mouse off that glue into a field.

  4. I went to Kenya this summer and met one of those caterpillars. I never actually saw the thing and I didn’t know what had attacked me till hours later. I must have rammed my knee into it so all the fine black spikes went through my skirt and many of them stuck until hours later when I was away from my Kenyan hosts and able to pull them out. It left an itchy, bumpy rash for a week.

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