Still Going Strong

Tomorrow will be the two-week celebration of the second semester’s beginning. There’s not really a celebration, but two weeks of lesson plans have come and gone, and that’s something. If I rack up another one of these friendly graffiti messages I’ll give up teaching so as to quit while I’m ahead. (Yes, this is a new one, different from the first).  Nothing too unseemly has happened since we and the students reconvened… at home last week we had a rat move in (invade?) but that story deserves a blog entry of its own.

Nothing unseemly,  no, but we did have the most joyous occasion this afternoon – our first package from the States arrived!! After 10 long weeks of wondering when it would come,  it finally came and we opened it today, right in the middle of the school day. I had pretty much given up hope about a week and a half ago,  so this was an amazing surprise.  Peanut M&Ms, Indiana Jones, The Great Debaters, Princess Bride (Special Edition), the entire ’08 Olympics recorded on DVD, family photos and so much more! It is so exciting to receive a package overseas, especially from family.  It makes me want to be home and just bask in the love and support.  And eat lots of American candy. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


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