Africa for ya…

Sorry about the generalization in the title. I realize that there are plenty of people living on this continent who have no idea who is about to be inaugurated as the next president of the United States, but I don’t think that I have met any of them. Here in Kigali, everyone seems to be thrilled about what will happen in just a few hours. Idle chit-chat between a Rwandan and an American sounds something like, “Nice to meet you. So, do you like Obama?” “Uh, yes” “He is very popular all over the world. The whole world loves Obama” “I can see.” Apparently, mini-mart owners also love Obama.

On another note, I got to work and explanation of carbon offsets into a seventh grade math lesson today. That made me happy.


2 Responses to “Africa for ya…”

  1. I wish that everyone who is upset with the way the election turned out could see how positively America’s reputation has been affected by this (and how much easier it makes life for those living overseas!). I was walking by a t-shirt stand today where they normally sell joke shirts, and the one with Obama’s picture automatically caught my eye. I stopped to take a closer look. It read, “Barak Obama: Yes we can!” That’s all. Not a joke shirt. People actually LIKE him! He’s not even their president and they’re wearing his t-shirt!

    Happy Inaguration Day! šŸ™‚

  2. I got to get out of class early to be able to watch his inauguration speech. It was exciting to watch history being made.
    And it’s fun to see how people are responding in other countries.

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