Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas without family could be one of the worst ways to spend the day. In the weeks leading up to Christmas day we weren’t sure how we would feel about celebrating as our own little family of two. Seeing pictures of our families at home and the snow in Washington and the Christmas tree in Texas made us feel like we were going to miss out.

Robin started Christmas on a super good note by giving me my “big gift” (up until that point I had assumed that we were only giving each other gifts that fit in stockings. That’s how I shopped) on Christmas Eve. We were up late because we had been out for the buffet dinner at Heaven (excellent!) and then I was fixing cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  Robin asked if I wanted my big present a little early and how could I turn that down? It turned out to be a new mattress for our bed! Understand that we’ve been sleeping on a very old foam mattress that has left us lying on the wood slats most mornings. A mattress was probably the most useful gift Robin could have bought and it brought us into Christmas morning well rested. Man, I just can’t say enough about it. So good.

The rest of the day was relaxed and fun. I had a morning phone call from my family, the cinnamon rolls turned out great and our small exchange of gifts Christmas morning was exciting. There just aren’t many gift options around here so it half the fun was seeing what we’d found for each other. The stories behind each gift were as interesting as the gifts themselves, “He wanted to charge me 5000 (rwf) for this !” “The guy selling this kept saying ‘Oh this is a very nice ‘hippo'”

Robin had a doctor appointment in the afternoon for a look at his toe (more about that in a later post) and then we spent the evening with the Becks. Their internet allowed both of us to talk with our families and their friendship helped us feel like family. It was good to be with people.

So, far from being the worst day of the year, our Christmas turned out pretty well. We missed being with everyone, but we enjoyed being together. Yay for successful first holidays 🙂


2 Responses to “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

  1. You sound happy, and that is good for my heart. I’m glad you managed to enjoy your day. It’s interesting to me that you guys were wishing for home so bad, and I was just wishing for a day with Betsy and Twaambo in Zambia. I love Christmas, and I really enjoyed family this year. Your phone call on Christmas Day was the best thing that could’ve happened that day. Love you.

  2. Sounds like a nice Christmas.
    I understand from the context that you are talking about an eating establishment, but to me, an excellent buffet in Heaven conjures up quite humorous images.

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