One Semester Down

You don’t always love your students. Your students don’t always love you. But every now and then, as a teacher you can come across hints like this that keep you optimistic. Sometimes, even when your students break the almighty classroom rules, at the same time they let you in on how you’re doing. My first semester as a real-life teacher with real-life students and real-life parents and real-life board politics and real-life challenges ended almost a week ago. I think this is a pretty good summary of everything – I don’t even know which one of my (almost) 90 students across the two semesters is responsible for this, so I’ll take responsibility. Yes, I am a teacher and yes, my classes do rock. ..A heart-felt “thank you!” to the anonymous vandals who unwittingly keep my spirits high.


One Response to “One Semester Down”

  1. Not surprised that your class rocks!! Glad to hear you are workin it in Rwanda!! Enjoy the much needed holiday!

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