Christmas Parties

‘Tis the season. Robin and the president-elect share a little Christmas cheer.

The season is starting to feel more real as we attend/host Christmas parties. That’s definitely a welcome feeling. Tuesday evening we went to a Christmas party hosted by a few of the teachers at school. Robin dressed as festively as possible, as seen in the picture. What you can’t see are his pants stuffed into the tops of red and black argyle socks. He was a walking dose of festive.

Last night we hosted a carol singing party at our house. The internet at school went down yesterday afternoon before I got a chance to find lyrics for Christmas songs so I ended up typing out lyrics while listening to songs on the computer. I think that the James Taylor version of Go Tell it on the Mountain has made-up verses. Anyway, we had about ten people over and had a great time. We sang for a while and then ate a bunch of fun Christmas food. I made rice pudding and scones and cardamom cookies and spiced cider. Some others brought mini muffins and cookies. We had candles lit and our small Christmas tree was so lit up that it was probably the brightest thing in the room. Mali went a little crazy in her excitement over all the new people. Her whines from the kitchen made a plaintive accompniment to our singing.

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  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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