Christmas markets

We visited a Christmas market at Ecole Belge on Saturday afternoon. I was really excited to do something related to Christmas that would involve a lot of people. So far our Christmas excitement has been limited to the music on our iPod and our small Christmas tree (with 5 ornaments!) and I was ready for a more visual celebration.

The Christmas market had greenery and small lights and music (Ice, Ice Baby anyone?) and food and vendors. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Somehow my attire almost managed to cancel out the atmosphere. Almost…

There weren’t many people browsing so the festive group atmosphere was missing. But gradually the experience made up for that. One little girl was selling vinegar and oil in decorative obttles and was very disappointed when I couldn’t speak enough French to converse with her. A basket woman was excited to show us her unique designes. And a man selling honey and beeswax candles made us laught with his candle shaped like a gorilla. It made me really happy.

We ended up with some terrific wild honey, two very cool mugs (our mug collection in Rwanda is up to 10), a few keychains, and a beautiful yellow and blue basket. We never split up to buy things for each other so we’re still sitting at zero as far as Christmas presents go. But at least we’re a few steps closer to sharing the holiday spirit. After seeing some pictures from home this morning I need as much holiday spirit as I can get. So jealous that you guys have snow…

3 Responses to “Christmas markets”

  1. I’ll trade you all the Christmas markets and the snow here for a week of sunny t-shirt weather. Deal?

    I like the tropical Christmas trees. 🙂

  2. It was 2 years ago today that we practially ran from The Rose Hotel in the blustery morning to Chelsea’s apartment because we couldn’t wait to see you after 4 months in Togo. We couldn’t get over your tan at Christmas!

    • ha, I’m probably somewhat tan right now compared to you. You guys should come over for this Christmas too!

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