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By Robin

December 11, 2008

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I’ve noticed an increase in blog traffic to our About us/Package info page. So either there are a lot of Christmas packages coming our way or my mom just wants to make sure that she has the right number for our post office box! Anyway, I thought that I’d take the chance to elaborate on our poor starved overseas living situation and why we like packages.

We like movies and tv shows. It is a sypmtom of overseas living, in my opinion, because we didn’t watch much while we lived in the States.  Now, we’ll watch anything that people give us. Already this school year we’ve watched a season of House, almost two seasons of Arrested Development and a partial season of Bones in addition to regularly reviewing the British Office. The movies we brought with us are well used and have been passed around among many of the teachers. We have an unfortunate lack of movies that can be shown in middle school classrooms on “party” days so I think every class has seenThe Incredibles at least once. Oh and we just realized this week that we don’t have Meet Me in St. Louis on dvd so the Christmas tradition that we tried to start last year of watching Judy Garland while eating chocolate chip pancakes just won’t become a tradition.

And speaking of chocolate chips…

We can get just about anything we need food-wise in this city. Of course, some days I feel like I *need* feta cheese or fishie crackers or refried beans and those just can’t be had. So instead I splurge on $2 cans of garbanzo beans for hummus or spend $10 for a small jar of almost-feta cheese when I happen to find it at Naukumatt. (And that almost-feta contributed to amazing crepes when it was paired with sliced apples and fresh basil from our garden) The one “main” food item that we really cannot get are frozen chicken breasts. They generally cost about $12 or so per pound and that makes me sad. So many good recipes that I can’t even think about fixing. Instead we eat a lot of tortillas, potato soup, spaghetti, and whatever random recipes I feel like trying. The guys are all probably very sick of the phrase “I’ve never made this before so no guarantees…”

Really what it comes down to is that we have a hard time thinking of things that we really need around here. Our life isn’t full of hardships because we live in a foreign country. We have a pretty urban existence. We hang out at coffee shops and eat at international restaurants. It’s just the small things that we miss…the good writing pens, the movies, the readily available clothing, the bowling alleys, the chocolate chips.

But life is about the little things right?

So a package would make our day


One Response to “For entertainment”

  1. Some of that “About” page traffic might be me double checking your address a million times before I sent your little package. I have been buying movies like crazy so hopefully I will have some new ones you haven’t seen 🙂

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