By Robin

December 9, 2008

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Our houseworker, Theo, brought his family by for a visit on Sunday afternoon. Pictured (adults from left) are: Theo, Theo’s sister, Theo’s wife, Theo’s brother and Theo’s sister-in-law. We aren’t quite sure how the children are divided up.

The family showed up in the afternoon and we all sat in the living room and drank kool-aid and ate squares of chocolate. I hadn’t known what to expect when Theo said he would be bringing “family” so I didn’t prepare very much. Theo turned on the television and we all watched a bit of news while I played with the baby. Then Theo took everyone on a tour of the compound. He was especially proud of his garden and I think the family was suitably impressed. After about 45 minutes they said good-bye. That was it.

The little girl (green dress) commented about us at one point during the visit. Theo told us that she said she didn’t like Chinese people…apparently we look like we’re from China…who knew.


One Response to “Visitors”

  1. I can sort of see the Chinese connection.

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