Thanksgiving here we come!

Suddenly, as all of the students leave school before the Thanksgiving four day weekend, I feel totally exhausted. This break is welcome. I’m ready to get away for a while. (And if Jacob’s mom reads our blog, thank you for the candy in Jacob’s package. He shared and it was a great way to kick off the break!)

Robin and I will be traveling by bus up to Fort Portal, Uganda to visit my cousin, Jeff Cash and his family. We will probably be in busses all day Thursday and Sunday, but the two days with family in between will be wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One Response to “Thanksgiving here we come!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 We are at Joyce and Dave’s this evening – just ate turkey sandwiches with the Cash side after turkey dinner at noon at Aunt Debbie’
    s. Hope your bus ride went smoothly and you have arrived safely. Daddy, Debbie and I walked 8 miles today: 2 miles before lunch and 6 miles after along the railraod track trail. Tell Jeff, Cheryl, Andrew and Aimee Jo and kids Hi from all of us.

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