Who wouldn’t love us?

Ahhh, good times on a Monday morning.

We got our car back from the mechanic last week. He replaced the battery terminals, recharged the battery, fixed some of the battery wiring, did an oil change, changed the oil filters and installed a new accelerator cable. The cost? 77,500 rwf or a bit over $150. Not too bad.

I had a minor triumph in baking this weekend. I have been craving cinnamon rolls for a few weeks, but have never had the right ingredients on the weekends. I’m always out of butter or we’ve drank all the milk for the week or something like that. So! This weekend I made sure that I had everything. I can’t get brown sugar here so I just used regular sugar and I felt it was the perfect time to sacrifice some of my precious pecans. It was totally worth it. The recipe made over 20 cinnamon rolls and we enjoyed every bite.


One Response to “Who wouldn’t love us?”

  1. Glad you got good food and Thanksgiving.
    Cinnamon lowers blood sugar.
    However, all the other factors might mitigate those positive effects.

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