A day at home

By Robin

November 20, 2008


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This is a typical view on our commute. This intersection (by N’Dolis and Chez Lando) is part of our drive to school. It is where the car started smoking last week when Dora was along, it is where we have been reprimanded by police officers for creeping into the crosswalk (or moto-walk, as seen in the picture) and it is where we were first made aware of a great political current event in Rwanda. (great being used to mean “of great importance” not “wonderful”)

The barely visible LED screen to the right of the frame is continuously flashing advertisements and messages. Last week we notices some messages aimed at European countries who are involved in the arrest of a Rwandan government official. Here area few links for further information (disclaimer: I realize that these are both Rwandan perspectives on the situation. That is my point)



Many, many Rwandans were involved in peaceful protests yesterday throughout the city of Kigali, hoping the bring international attention to this situation. KICS did not hold classes and we spent our day at home – listening to the ebb and flow of the neighborhood as they came and went and discussed the happenings in a language we don’t understand. Our minds were with them as they talked of the injustices in the world and participated in an event that might not even register in the international news circles.

The immediacy of an event here, for us, has no bearing on its immediacy in your life.

I still have a hard time with that thought.


One Response to “A day at home”

  1. If it’s any consolation, at least SOME people in Germany are taking notice. Multiple times now I’ve been asked by people who know about my Rwanda plans what I know about the situation. Admittedly I never know any more than they do, but I find the African perspective on the situation an interesting contrast to the German and British perspectives I’ve been hearing. I must say, though, they could at least TRY to hide their biases a little more:
    “He falsely claims that she played a role in the downing of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane.”
    I mean, really… 🙂

    Whatever the case, it’s a rare day that one can enjoy having an American passport more than an EU passport. 😉

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