Roller Skate chronicles

The day has come for our Samurai to spend some time with the mechanic.

A few weeks ago the accelerator cable broke on our way to school. The fix was a nut smashed down with a wrench to hold the cable to the accelerator. The mechanic, Bob, said it was “first aid” and we should buy a new accelerator cable when we had the money.

A week ago the car refused to start in the morning. We discovered that the frame holding the battery had corroded and the battery was tipped over (thank you bumpy roads) and disconnected. Theo fixed the frame, banged the connectors back to the terminals and we were off to school.

The first morning that we brought Dora to school with us we began to notice white smoke drifting from the area around the battery. I cut the engine while Robin, Dora and Heather jumped out to push the car into a nearby parking lot. Within seconds we were surrounded by curious men. The electrical tape surrounding a battery wire was charred, but we couldn’t see any other damage. We spent some time banging on the battery with a wrench and somehow that revived the car.

Have you noticed a trend?

If we didn’t keep a wrench in our car we probably wouldn’t survive.


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