Warning: dead animal in picture

By Robin

November 16, 2008

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Our houseworker, Theo (pronounced Tayo), is a genius. We certainly do not give him enough to do during the day so he spends his time finding things that need to be done.

-PIctured is Theo with the rat that lived in our kitchen for about a month. The rat was trying to make a nest in the drawer under our oven and he lived off of things left out on the counter. It got to the point that if I had to walk into the kitchen in the dark I would start talking to the rat because I didn’t want to be startled when I heard him skittering off the counter. Finally we obtained a home made finger-crushing rat trap from the Dolingers and Theo had the unpleasant job of baiting and setting the thing. Later that same evening he walked into the living room and quietly said, “It is finished.” I snapped this picture as he was on his way to dispose of the rat.

-Our electrical box is attached to the side of our house where the rain beats the hardest. The wooden box around it was dilapidated and sometimes, if there was a lot of rain, our power would short circuit. Theo told us that he would take care of the problem. I hadn’t thought about it in a few weeks, but when I went out two nights ago to check how many power credits we had I saw that Theo had constructed a beautiful varnished wooden box with a sturdy tin roof.

-Our power was out one morning about a month ago and it made me kind of grumpy. I don’t like getting ready in the dark, I don’t like missing an expected warm shower and I don’t like eating breakfast without hot tea. So I was sitting on the couch, dressed for school, feeling sorry for myself when Theo poked his head in the door and said, “I have fire. I make tea?” Ah, yes, yes please. It made my day.

-Last weekend Theo went to visit his family. He came back with a rooster for us as a present from his parents. I asked him if we were supposed to eat it or just start a flock of chickens. He said that he could kill it for us if I “knew what to do with it.” That afternoon I found the plucked and cleaned rooster residing in our freezer.

-Theo will fix anything that looks broken. I broke the little handle off of a candlestick. The next morning it was glued back. Robin bent the handle on my one tablespoon measure. At some point Theo glued it straight. The handle on my favorite blue tea mug broke into three pieces. Theo glued them back together.

So, even though you don’t like for us to say this, Thank you Theo. We really appreciate having you around


One Response to “Warning: dead animal in picture”

  1. “eeeek a m………….rat.” Oh yuck. That’s huge! You are one brave girl…….Now there’s a reason to be thankful for all those mice around here while you were growing up….got cha used to ’em so this guy didn’t creep you out. Ha Ha you even talked to him. That is priceless.

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