Last night, Dora and the whole Harding group from Zambia (HIZ) came into Kigali to stay for the rest of the week. We thought the group would be here this weekend, so we were expecting them to come in on Friday night and stay through the weekend. Imagine our surprise when we found out at the end of the school day yesterday that everyone was in town already! We were so excited to see Dora…. we made snickerdoodles and bought some extra essentials (read: two boxes of the good kind of cookies here) and waited until around 7:00 when we met them at the Dolingers for the evening ofย  “African-style worship.”

Dora and Heather are staying with us the whole time they’re here – I think they have to leave on Saturday morning. Their schedule is pretty full, so we’ll see how much free time we have with them, but if nothing else it will be great just to relax with family at the end of the day and recap everything. Also, morning breakfasts are extra special when your sister’s in town. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ve had a long, eventful semester and I’m really glad they chose to end it with a few days in Kigali

One Response to “Family!”

  1. Yeah for family ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi Dora…this is Barb. Sounds wonderful to be together….enjoy every minute of it you guys.

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