October 31st

By Robin

November 7, 2008


Category: By Amy


The church next door to school had a Halloween party last Friday night. We really didn’t plan on attending. In fact, I didn’t even know anything was happening until a few days before. Without fall colors to remind me of the time of year, it’s easy for me to write the date each day and forget the holidays and traditions that I normally associate with it.

But in every class on Friday I had kids asking, “Are you and Mr. Crocker coming tonight?” They started to win me over when they mentioned that there would be American candy given out.

We got home that night, talked with Jacob and Caleb and decided to make an appearance…after we had our usual Friday night dinner of homemade pizza.

I was a super hero (wearing coca-cola fabric that I found in market one day), Mali went as herself and Robin went with his hair down.

Robin was so impressive that the kids still haven’t stopped talking about it.

And I got my four small packages of Starbursts.

5 Responses to “October 31st”

  1. Great picture!

  2. Wow Robin! You can really pull off the hippie thing.

  3. You have a puppy?!

  4. yes, a very very cute puppy who is ridiculous and wants to be held all the time

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