Internet (at last)

By Robin

November 6, 2008

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Well, as most of you have noticed, our internet has been out at school for the past week. It’s felt weird to not be able to share news on the blog. I have a backlog of pictures that probably won’t all get posted because new things are happening here all the time. But! I’ll try to post a few with some stories from the past week.

Our biggest news is that we got a puppy. Some kids came by the school one afternoon trying to sell her (a somewhat common practice around here) and Caleb brought her home. We had been looking for a puppy and I had almost given up on finding one soon. We think that she is a rottweiler/African dog mix and she’s already growing like a weed. We plunked her down in the middle of the living room the night after Caleb brought her home and all decided on a name. We ended up with Mali. So far it fits pretty well. I took her the school the very first day we had her and the kids just fell in love. I’m thinking of bringing her in on Fridays as a treat and to help with her socialization. It’ll be good motivation for the kids to be good all week.

Ah, it is good to be back


5 Responses to “Internet (at last)”

  1. She’s so cute. You need to send us more pics, and you also need to respond to my comment on deception.

  2. Your Sep. 22 post.

  3. your comment about the gecko? you have to come here to get one… 😉

  4. Congratulations.

  5. OK fine…………………………………Or you could send me one for Christmas. : )

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