Progressing along

This week has been one of the weeks that many teachers dread, I suppose – progress reports are due at the end of the day today (Thursday). Each students gets one in each of his or her classes. For me that means that of the ~200 students in the entire school, K-12, I have 120 reports to fill out. I was telling Amy that it’s not having to average and write the grades (along with commentary on how each student is doing) that’s so bad. The true challenge is in the fact that no matter how well you plan the week, allowing enough time to lesson-plan like normal and still get the reports turned in, at least three other things will happen that usually don’t happen that will make life really hectic. This week, on Monday we were out until 7:30 (about two hours later than normal) helping some friends get their car home, our power was out for most of Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday both sets of students for me and her were especially pesky or rowdy.

I am proud of myself though – I got the 120 reports done and copied by yesterday (the picture you see). Hopefully next week and the beginning of the new quarter will be seamless and smooth. Week-end here we come


One Response to “Progressing along”

  1. Hi Amy and Robin!

    We are in Searcy for homecoming weekend and I ran into your parents (Amy). I asked how you were doing and they gave me your wordpress blog address. So, I’ve just spent the last few minutes reading all about your time in Rwanda. I am glad that you are doing well. I continue to pray for you often. Blessings!!

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