Birthday, version 2

For my “actual” birthday (on the 11th), Amy and I went out in the morning and took pictures of signs around Kigali that, to Westerners, make something less than complete sense. This is probably the best one. There are so many signs like this in Kigali, very triumphant declarations with mediocre translations into English (“HELLO PHONES” comes to mind, for a store selling telephones, and “BEST SHOES” as well). The purpose of this is not to make fun of their inadequate language-learning, but to truly appreciate all the parts of the Rwandan culture, even the ones that are easy to laugh at. A thing does not have to make complete sense before it can be appreciated. I am a mere 24 years aged, but that is something I have learned, even in just a couple dozen turns of the calendar.


One Response to “Birthday, version 2”

  1. I’ll probably have to try that beer when I get there. 🙂

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