Through the fence

By Robin

October 8, 2008


Category: By Amy


This is what I saw when I walked out of school yesterday. Perhaps this man works for a family in the Gaculiro neighborhood around the school. His bike is nice enough that he might live on some type of salary. Or maybe he lives in this neighborhood and works over on another hill. Regardless, he works for someone who cares about his dress.

Jacob and Caleb bought a new royal blue jumpsuit and shiny black rubber boots for Theo (our houseworker) last weekend. He wears them in the mornings while he washes our car. It makes us look like we run a professional car wash in our front yard. But it’s just our daily life. (and it’s his choice to wash the car. I think that he would be hurt if we drove it out in a dusty state)

I haven’t bought any new clothes since moving here. I wear either a long brown gypsy skirt or olive slacks to school. I have a couple of shirts that I rotate during the week. My accessories are head scarves or my hats. Yesterday, I asked my drama class to list types of characters that I could play based on my wardrobe. They said, “Teacher” “married woman” “grandma” “a stylish person”

Isn’t it funny how we make a lot of judgments based on clothes?


2 Responses to “Through the fence”

  1. A grandma?

  2. And you haven’t even been wearing the old lady dress I gave you for your 5th birthday! If I remember correctly, you weren’t quite sure what to think of that and you were somewhat offended until you figured out it made a great make-believe outfit (might be useful for your drama class!).

    Thanks for all the blog entries – a great way to stay in touch!

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