Nine months

Sunday was our nine “monthiversary.” We decided before our wedding that for the first year of marriage we wanted to celebrate each month as it passed. It’s a way to remember that we’re in the middle of a phase of life. This isn’t the way life will always be and we need to savor the moment. It’s especially true living in Rwanda. I find myself getting caught up in the experience of living here and I forget that living with Robin is a new experience too.

We didn’t celebrate our mothiversary by doing anything special. The power was out for most of the day, but that was because we ran out of power credits and we didn’t buy more until the end of the day. We spent some time at school and tried to go grocery shopping. The evening was spent at our Bible study enjoying time with friends and Nancy’s good home made food 🙂

I spent some time yesterday, though, thinking over the last nine months and how many things have happened along the way. We’ve owned three different cars, lived on two different continents, spent at least two days in airplanes, worked at least nine different jobs between the two of us, made plans to move to Boston, scrapped our plans to move to Boston, found out that we were accepted to teach at KICS, moved to Africa and have survived, together, over five weeks of teaching. It’s been an intensely bonding experience and one that will be a unique story.

I’ve been amazed at how well Robin and I have worked together to adjust to life here. We’ve definitely had our culture shock moments and the misunderstandings that go along with those, but they haven’t broken us down. We’ve been able to talk through the stresses and get to the point of laughing over most of them (a particularly memorable moment happened in the first week when asking for a second glass of juice to drink with breakfast became a major money issue between us) So, to our parents and families, you can know that we’re doing well. We like living here 🙂


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