What’s in a Name?

Here are some first names of students in our classes this year:

Maimuna, Tomoki, Imane (eeman), Yuhi, Nat, Carmina, Innocent, Sander, Amal, Queen, Praise, Kwesi (kwaysee), Kofi, Tian (short for Christian), Lul, Samira, Yvan, Eino (ayno), Amadou, Umutoni, Asare (awsaray), Awua (aywa) and Mutara.

There are American names, too, like Ethan, Jon, Brendan, Sophia, Clint, Seth, Joshua and Caleb, but they are in the minority. This place really isn’t as exotic as it may seem, but it does sound that way if you hear us calling names.


5 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. this picture makes me miss kics…like seeing everyone together like that

  2. so are you guys still at kics?

    • No, KICS ended up not really being an option for us. We’re at ISK this year and really enjoying it. We’ll be back in Rwanda next year, Mr. Crocker will keep teaching history at ISK and I’ll be home with a new baby. you should let us know what you’re up to. e-mail me sometime: ladyamyrenae*at*gmail*dot*com

  3. sorry it took me a while to reply to the last post…i was busy…hmm oh ok, so how is ISK compared to KICS??is it like better or worse? yeah sure il emali you and let you guys know..i might be able to come visit rwanda sometime next year or so, maybe…im hoping i can…oh and congrats with the new baby! :).

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