School food

By Robin

September 26, 2008

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We have a terrific kitchen staff here at KICS. They work all morning to make our lunch and the smells coming from the kitchen, especially the hour just before lunch, always make me very hungry. Many of our meals are “Rwandan food” which means we eat a lot of sauces over rice. They are good and not spicy. And the side dishes of beans or pineapple or chips are great.

Yesterday we had one of the best meals so far: spiced beans with home made tortillas. I went back for seconds for the first time all year. Some of the kids thought it was a pretty bland meal, but oh well…

Two days ago we had the meal pictured. The staff occasionally tries to make “American food.” Usually that just means pizza, but apparently they have been receiving lots of requests for cheeseburgers. So this week they tried to make cheeseburgers.

Ever had a cheeseburger the size of a silver dollar? Garnished with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers?

One Response to “School food”

  1. Hilarious. The food, in general, sounds yummy! I just had an African food fix when I went to visit a friend in Chicago. Then I bought a yam (we can’t get them where we live) and last night I made Dela’s yam balls….yum!!

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