A good day

Here is the definition of a good day as a teacher:

1st Period – Planning period, during which I helped out another teacher coming up with classic songs that have allegories. (I came up with Hotel California, Desolation Row, American Pie, Maggie’s Farm and Stairway to Heaven)

2nd Period – Test Review, High school

3rd Period – Same

Lunch – Some kind of amazing red bean soup, with flatbread, potatoes and pineapple

4th Period – Independent work, finishing speech outlines (8th Grade)

5th Period – Same, but 6th grade

6th period – Planning period – most of it spent making copies for the 7th grade test tomorrow

7th period – 8th grade Bible test

No new material, no lectures, and a lot of sitting down while my students either whispered or were completely silent. ‘Twas a good day indeed.


2 Responses to “A good day”

  1. that sounds like a great day. hey Amy was yours as good?

  2. Mine was even better… 😛

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