We have a car!

And it is awesome. On Sunday night we heard from a friend that a contact of hers had a Suzuki Samurai for sale. Immediately, Caleb called the number she gave us and set up a meeting with the owners. So, Monday night around 5:00 Amy and Caleb checked out the car while I held our spots at Bourbon Coffee. They were pretty excited when they came back, and we talked it over. We set up another meeting with the owners (a British couple going back home because the wife is pregnant) to talk about a price and the different logistical details about changing a ownership of a vehicle in Rwanda. We ended up just chatting with this young couple for almost an hour at Bourbon. The couple loved the car, took it into a mechanic regularly, and are even looking to find a Samurai in the UK. It’s a 4X4 and has climbed to the top of volcanoes and back. It’s a 1995, and is pretty good shape for being 13 years old and having been owned by Africans before this. (No disrespect, it’s just that the couple said that they spent a long time trying to find all the paper clips in the engine, used by the previous owner to repair wires, hoses, etc.) So right now I’m at the school waiting for Amy and Caleb to return with the car! They left to pick it up during the last period of the day while I was still in class. I am eager to learn once and for all how to drive a stick shift. I suspect that learning such a skill in Africa, on a old car, will benefit me greatly down “the road” of life. Maybe I’ll give the ol’ Samurai a spin this very weekend.


2 Responses to “We have a car!”

  1. Congratulations. No more bike taxis for the Crockers?! It’s a cute:-)

  2. that is a sweet car. I want one of those.

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