By Robin

September 22, 2008


Category: By Amy

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It’s easy to forget sometimes that we live in Africa. Most of the time cars drive on the correct side of the road here, we see white people every day and the weather isn’t sweltering. But then things happen…things like:

-We leave our gate keys at school so when Caleb and Jacob leave the house with their keys we are stuck at home until they get home
-An exterminator knocks on the gate and tells us that, thanks to USAid, they will be spraying our house for mosquitoes tomorrow morning and would we kindly cover all of our belongings and push the furniture to the centers of the rooms
-The afternoon thunderstorm rolls in and the internet cuts out
-An entire class of eighth graders has to clarify “in this problem, ‘air conditioning’ is something that cools off the air, right?”
-We walk out the door in the morning and discover our houseworker scrubbing the bars on all the windows
-We finish a school week and look forward to an evening of homemade pizza and then discover that we have to travel to four different stores to find cheese
-We discover that we don’t have enough money to pay for purchases at the corner grocery shop and the salesgirl tells us to just go home and bring back the remainder of the money
-Bike taxi drivers know exactly where we live and take delight at delivering us to our doorstep without having to be told
-The lights go out in the middle of a devo and everyone just keeps singing without interruption
-As we close our mosquito netting for the night we discover a baby gecko frolicking in the sheets


One Response to “Deception”

  1. Man Amy I want a baby gecko frolicking in my sheets. Thats not fair that you get one. Can you bring me home one?

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