Like a chameleon

I (Amy) got to see my first real-life chameleon last weekend. We were out walking around with some village kids and they brought a few chameleons over for us to see. The children were afraid to touch them so they were carrying around sticks with the chameleons perched on the ends. We immediately picked up the little critters and played with them. The kids screamed a bit and wouldn’t stand close to us. (maybe that’s how you get them to stop asking for pens?) It was so cool to watch the eyes rotate around and the weird little sideways feet grasp anything below them.

One thing that I’m contrasting in my mind between last weekend and this is the difference in weather between here and Ruhengeri. Last weekend it was cold! Ruhengeri has a higher elevation than Kigali and it was cold enough to see my breath in the evenings. Today, in Kigali, I woke up to a light rain falling on the roof, but still wasn’t cold enough to want anything more than a sheet in bed (which is good because we don’t currently own a single blanket). We’ve been out and about today in sunshine and rain and it’s never been cold enough to regret my sock-less feet and short sleeves. When it’s like this in December and I’m wishing for more Christmas-type weather I’ll want a change, but for now it’s awfully nice.

We’re still looking for a car. Today we test drove a beast of a Land Rover. It had zero power steering and I had to fight just to make any sort of turn. It’s a fun vehicle, but I would be afraid to drive it in Kigali. I think that I would bash a different car at every turn. While it might be fun to be the terror of Kigali, I think it might not give the school a very good reputation.

4 Responses to “Like a chameleon”

  1. Didn’t somebody bring a chameleon to Creation Kids one time? Maybe not, but somehow I have this memory of being confused as to why the thing wasn’t turning red like the carpet. 🙂

  2. lol, I so don’t remember that, but wow…the red carpet. I would love to see a chameleon turn that color

  3. We had a pet chameleon in Togo for a while. We rescued him from someone who brought him our gate on the off chance we’d want him so he didn’t have to take the thing all the way into town to sell at the voodoo market. We named our pet Plaid and enjoyed him for a few weeks before letting him go in the orange tree where he disappeared for good.

  4. yeah, I can’t imagine trying to feed a pet chameleon. We thought for a moment about keeping this one, but trying to transport him on the bus *and* trying to figure out what to feed him seemed like a bit too much.

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