What is it about four-day work weeks that makes them seem to drag on and on? We had a great three day weekend, came to school on Tuesday well-prepared (if not dragging our feet, slightly) and started what should have been a good week. And it has been an okay week, it’s just that it feels like Sunday in Ruhengeri was about a month ago. That’s me (Robin), anyway. I think I just psyched myself up for a quick and painless week without thinking about how I still have 20 different classes to teach across 4 days. When you look at it that way, the difference between 20 in four days and 25 in 5 days really is quite negligible.

Perhaps the reason for this time skew is the regrettable death of Richard Wright, Pink Floyd’s former keyboardist. Perhaps not, but I will definitely be giving Dark Side of the Moon a healthy listen today, in his memory.

Whatever happens, tomorrow is still Friday, and while it won’t be as exciting as last Friday when we looked forward to a weekend away, there will still be a victory party, for sure. Homemade pizza and maybe even a movie! I think I’ve only watched two, maybe three movies and one 30 min TV show since arriving here. As the cajuns say, Laissez le bon temps rouler!


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