Introducing Jacob and Caleb

We had a great weekend trip. There will definitely be more posts about it this week, but I wanted to write a quick post our our traveling companions/roommates.

Jacob is on the left in this picture. He’s known all over the town of Kigali as “Yacoooob!” It’s like being with a celebrity. All of the bike taxi drivers in our neighborhood know him and tonight one of the bike guys refused to take Robin because he wanted “Yacob.” You might ask what Jacob did to become such a famous person…pretty much nothing except smile a lot, be the first white person among us to start greeting people in the native language and spend some time standing around with the bike taxi guys. The fact that he has red hair and a beard (unusual in Africa ) probably has something to do with it as well. He teaches the middle school English classes.

Caleb is kind of in the background of this pic. He is a high school history teacher at the school and is a fellow Togo traveler. He spent a summer on an internship with the Kara team. It’s nice to have some else around who compares everything here with Togo. He is the odd man out in our house because he did not attend Harding, but I think that by the end of the year he’ll have a working knowledge of all of the influential teachers in the political science/math/education departments as well as knowing most of the quirks of the school. In return, he is going to let us partake in his 500 hours of documentary footage about the Crusades.


2 Responses to “Introducing Jacob and Caleb”

  1. You guys look really cold! How nice to know that there are other people comparing Rwanda to Togo. I guess I should get Pastor Daniel to teach me greetings if I want to be a celebrity 🙂

  2. The greetings are super easy.
    Mwaramutse is good morning
    Amakuru is how are you?
    Nimeza is good

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