Somtimes you chase the cat…

…and sometimes the cat chases you.

We’ve had the Dolinger’s dog, Nora, staying with us for the last few days while we figured out our guard situation. We weren’t terribly worried about security but having the dog around was a good deterrent for minor mischief. She also alerted us when someone starting putting little kittens up on our compound wall. We think they were trying to give us “gifts.” One of the kittens was in full form trying to keep Nora from doing any further investigating. Most of my pictures from the encounter are blurry, but, even so, I think this one captures the moment. Nora finally treed the cat and the guys were able to put it back up on the wall.

I’ve been getting a little closer to settling into a school routine this week. The algebra and pre-algebra classes seem to be going smoothly. There are a few kids in algebra who tried to test the systems this week, but everything held firm and they discovered that they can’t take shortcuts (translation: they took me up on an offer to take a test early and they learned that it wasn’t a good idea). My fifth grade class is going to be my rough class, though. They’re just so little! They love to laugh and have fun, but that is totally at the expense of learning anything about math. Yesterday I tried to teach them about decimal numbers and I have never seen so may little confused faces. After an extended example involving dividing Africa into ten sections and giving away .2 or .6 pieces of Africa, about half the class finally understood a bit of what I was trying to say. *sigh* when they walk into this classroom in half an hour I’ll try to explain everything all over again. Or maybe we’ll just have a play day… ha


2 Responses to “Somtimes you chase the cat…”

  1. incredible picture

  2. wow Amy that pic. is sooooooo funny I just kept laughing and laughing.

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