Mr. Brian Dolinger

We finished our first week of school half an hour ago and a weekend has never looked as promising as the one upcoming. As the kids disappeared from the grounds this afternoon, the teachers emerged, blinking in the sunlight, from the classrooms. We congregated at hallway junctions and shared stories of the times during the week when we almost quit. We laughed a lot. We avoided discussing our weekend plans because we will all be planning madly for the next week. For a few moments we wanted to enjoy the thought that we had no responsibilities. We just wanted to bask in the momentary feeling of success.

But the success for this week rests on the shoulder of the man you see pictured.

Brian Dolinger (Mr. Headmaster around here) has worked like a crazy man to keep everything going around school. This picture was taken in my classroom twenty minutes before the start of school on Wednesday. I didn’t have a wood frame around my “white board” and he found a free moment to put the frame up for me…it just needed a few adjustments first.

Brian has done a great job over the last two weeks as he has helped teachers and students alike prepare for school. He’s helped us find houses, look for cars, get necessities for our classrooms, grocery shop and learn anything we want to know about life in Kigali. We’ve gotten the sense from the huge to-do list in his office that he’s incredibly busy, but he always has time for us. He didn’t seem stressed until about twelve hours before school began. That’s pretty impressive for a principal who does everything from coordinating janitors to finding substitute teachers to supervising lunch to structuring pick-up and drop-offs every day.

So thanks Brian. You’re very appreciated around here 🙂


2 Responses to “Mr. Brian Dolinger”

  1. Do either of you have the Hammond kids in your class? I love hearing how everything is going!

  2. yes, Patty, Robin has both Bethany and Jon in classes and I have Jon in one of my math classes. We were actually just over at their house for dinner. Wonderful pizza 🙂

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