Why I missed school

By Robin

September 3, 2008


Category: By Amy

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I’ve always been sensitive to mosquito bites. I know this. But apparently I have never been bitten by a mosquito on the bridge of my nose.

It was our first night in our new house and we thought that we could handle sleeping without a mosquito net. I figured that I would wake up with some major bites on my arms and legs, but I could handle that. Instead, in the morning, I woke up up and realized that my eyes felt funny and my right eye had a strange dark line obscuring the top of my vision. I set my glasses on my nose and rushed into the bathroom to find the face you see pictured. So much for teaching the second day of school. I stayed home, doped up on Benedryl (which apparently does nothing for mosquito bites, but does keep me loopy for about twelve hours) and slept a lot.

I went to school today because my eyes looked a lot better. My classes were all very curious and I got reamed out by sixth graders for not sleeping under a net. But it was all good. I was happy to be back and glad that my little adventure didn’t have any serious consequences.

P.S. for the sake of our mothers I will say that we did purchase a net for our bed today. Robin rigged it up with a LAN cable. I think we’re set 🙂


One Response to “Why I missed school”

  1. yep, you’re a Shaffer! Mosquitoes seem to thrive on changing our appearance!

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