Was I like this?

I really want to know – in sixth grade, did I tell stories about seeing people being killed after a pillar collapsed on them? People dying in childbirth? Did I want to know every student’s political party? If I were in sixth grade today, would I yell out to a fellow classmate who says he is a democrat, “Obama yo mama! Obama yo mama!” Did I ever say “if we didn’t have potato chips we wouldn’t live”? This what I just observed for the last 55 minutes. I asked the students to tell stories (personal anecdotes) that they might want to use in a speech. That was yesterday. Today we brainstormed and came up with the list you see pictured here. Please note baboons, sandwiches, giving birth, escargot, and robbery, all as possible speech topics. I erased many of the first suggestions, such as “dead men,” “burned with a hot iron” and “sadness.” Seriously.

Also, our landlord just came by asking if we would like to keep the current guard and housekeeper for ourselves while we live at the house we’re renting. The (Rwandan) landlord told me that he is very responsible, can do ironing, gardening, cleaning, laundry, everything. I was surprised to see the landlord come to the school to see me… but we and the guys had talked about the guard last night and decided that we would not keep him because he does not speak english, and none of us speaks kinyarwanda. I explained that to the landlord as dipIomatically as I could. I hope that the guard can handle rejection. I hope he can find another place to work. He has a family and two kids and probably lives in the valley with all the rickety looking shacks. It’s hard to make decisions like that… hopefully it was the right thing. I wonder how many Americans come here and end up putting people out of work just because they haven’t learned english.

This is a good school day, though, all things considered. Third day’s a charm right?

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