Hard to Believe

One thing I did not expect when I was given the task of teaching a 6th grade speech class: to be asked, upon saying that I am from Texas, “you’re from Texas, how did you survive?”

“Well, it does get pretty hot….”

“No, the death penalty. How did you not get executed??? Texas has the highest rate of executions in the whole nation! I’m from Massachusetts and we don’t even have the death penalty. So how did you not get executed?”

“Well, you can still get speeding tickets and they don’t execute you”

(another kid): “Yeah, guys, he’s just exaggerating, it’s not that bad…”

(first kid): “No! It is that bad! Texas just kills people!”

*sigh* and on and on and on until I promised them that at some point in the year we will have a debate about the death penalty. It’s safe to say that kid will never travel to Texas


3 Responses to “Hard to Believe”

  1. What a great picture of you two:-) The school building looks nice, too. Quite a change from your three room school house in Togo.

  2. Holy cow! I laughed so hard at this story! To hear him tell it, Texas’ only population is executioners and people about to be executed…

  3. oh big D…
    there are going to be plenty more stories where that came from.

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