Stormy Tuesday

Today we had our second day of “professional development” for school – classes start one week from yesterday. We do have a parent meet-and-greet on Friday night, however, so it feels like school is starting in just two days. As we were leaving the campus this afternoon, there were some drops in the air, but nothing threatening. Half an hour later, we had been through an outdoor market (where I got some <i>awesome</i> batik print capris commissonned) and the weather went from calm East African afternoon, to blinding sandstorm, to full-blown thunderstorm in about ten minutes (it seemed like only ten minutes, anyway.) Luckily, we were able to jump in a taxi and head for Bourbon Coffee just before the skies really opened up.

I have been waiting for a storm like this since we arrived here 11 days ago. We have shown up at the very end of the dry season – a lot of red dust, all over the cars and acacia trees and yucca plants. Soon the rainy season will come, but there will not be thunderstorms every day. If there were, it would e awesome, but I think we just will get a light shower each afternoon. So this… the raw wilderness of Africa crashing directly on top of and against this upwardly-mobile Western-ish national capital…. It’s priceless, and inexplicable.

This picture is not from today, unfortunately. But it is good, so enjoy it. J We’re still trying to figure out how to balance the desire to take pictures and share them online every other day with the desire not to carry heavy and expensive equipment (cameras, laptops) with us all the time. And our internet options are still pretty limited, but we’re doing the best we can.

I have resolved that I really want to learn the local language, kinyarwanda. I know French at about a 4th grade level, I’d say, and that helps a lot, (especially when taxi drivers don’t know or don’t want to speak English) but knowing the language that literally everyone knows and has known for hundreds of years would accomplish so much. It could get us better taxi prices, probably, but just to be able to fully communicate with any person who comes across our paths would allow for so much more friendship and spiritual tranquility during the day. I hope we can look into taking lessons.

For now, I hope my students are excited about speech and a historical view of the Bible because my lesson plans are really good right now! KICS, brace yourself. Africa & the world – you just aren’t ready for me.


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