This is my classroom. I requested the avocado green walls and they are beautiful 🙂 Next week I’ll be setting everything up…putting my topographical maps and black and white beach photos on the walls, deciding on a desk arrangement and finding places to put my bookshelves. I’m going to have two “white boards” at each end of my room. The painters still need to come and paint those portions of the wall white and then I will cover the white paint with clear plastic flooring. Apparently white board markers will show up terrifically on this arrangement.  Only in Africa…

Our trip here was not really worth blogging about. We sat in airplanes for over 30 hours and only passed over interesting places when it was dark. We got to sit on the ground in Rome, but it was the middle of the night and we couldn’t leave the plane. Robin and I just settled into our seats for the duration and did little except try to sleep, spill Sprite on each other, watch movies and read.

Since arriving we’ve done almost nothing except recover some of our sleep debt and see the city. This adjustment period is always so weird and difficult in retrospect. On one hand I feel like it’s been very dull to sleep and sightsee, but on the other hand I’m grateful that my brain hasn’t been taxed. The most intense experience we’ve had so far was visiting the Kigali Genocide museum. And it was so intense I don’t care to write about it right now.

We have already settled into the Kigali “muzungu” (white person) pattern of visiting the Bourbon Coffee shop often. There are two locations in the city and it’s the nicest place to hang out. Plus, they have wireless. So I need to turn my attention to the hot French Dip sandwich in front of me.  🙂


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