The Goat Rocks (2)

On Friday night we had a magnificent experience. I can think of only a few ways I would like to spend my last weekend before leaving the country, and sitting near the top of a mountain, watching the sun set itself behind a fog-enveloped ridge is way up near the top of the list. We sat there watching the sun descending and the fog encroaching for about 30 minutes. When we woke up the next morning, the fog had enclosed the entire set of meadows that comprises Snograss Flats, so our tents were wet and our fires were out. But that was well worth the dynamic display we witnessed the night before at the timberline.

On the way back into camp Amy and I got ourselves into a conversation about Tolkien and spirits…. our beautiful surroundings not the least of reasons why we would come to such a topic. I think the whole weekend was tinged with the hues of Middle Earth… we all just ended up talking about it. Fun times indeed. Perhaps next weekend’s exploits will reveal a Rwandan scenery that complements the Washington mountainside. For now, it’s a fine set of memories and a whirlwind of emotion as we enter into our last 36 hours in the States. See you soon, Africa!


One Response to “The Goat Rocks (2)”

  1. I kept thinking about you all day today, missing you already. J had the car and I couldn’t leave the house… I know it will be a lovely dream some days and a nightmare on others, and somewhere inbetween when the students are bratty and you two are sulking a bit… but that’s life isn’t it? I miss seeing those days with you. 🙂 Keep posting on yours site and I’ll post on mine too. Ik hou van jou…

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