The mess of packing

By Robin

August 8, 2008


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Every corner of our apartment looks like this. Except one. The corner that used to hold most of our cd cases and the stacks of new books now looks very calm since Robin packed everything. Now the stereo is left alone in the corner and seems to be glaring across the room at our new iPod. *sigh* Technology marches on.

The rest of the messy house is slowly solidifying into order. Although I have been tempted recently to tell people “No I don’t really think we’re going to finish packing before we leave. I think the house will just stay the way it is.” Admitting that there is even a slight possibility that things won’t be finished gives me the release I need to keep packing šŸ™‚

Tonight we realized that, out of the four trunks we are taking as check luggage, we currently have two trunks full of clothes. How did that happen? We probably also have enough books to full a third trunk so that leaves us with one trunk for all of our kitchen/bedding/bath/school items. Sounds reasonable to me. I can live with just clothes and books šŸ™‚ Ha. I’ll have to start making painful cutbacks in both categories.

Our send-off at the Kunkle’s on Monday was great. It was a small group (although my immediate family is a “small group” by themselves so this was a small group in addition to my family šŸ™‚ ) and we really enjoyed the evening. Granted, it was another step in the process of watching our American life “die,” but I feel like such send-offs are an important reminder that people will remember us when we have crossed over the ocean.

We leave one week from tonight. The next week will be very busy. But, as Murphy says, “You can sleep on the plane.”

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    Keep up the good work!

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