By Robin

August 3, 2008


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Yesterday went a lot better than it could have; we finally entered the place of no return in our apartment. Our spare bedroom was totally full, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling of boxes, bubble wrap, wedding gifts, and cat litter. (Ok, the cat litter is just on the floor, not all the way to the ceiling, but you get the idea.)

I canceled a check-up for our recently-spayed cat Stella so we wouldn’t have to drive to Portland, and so had the whole day to pack up that room and sort through our storage from the last seven months of life. I think we’re about 40% done. Less than half, more than one-quarter. It’s a good place to be… I gotta hand it to Amy, she really knows how to divide up the mountains of work we have to do and space it out over enough time so as to get (mostly) everything done. I believe I shall keep her!

We are down to a mere 11 days total before we get on a big jet plane and fly to San Francisco, then DC, then Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, then Kigali, Rwanda. We’re having a going away party tomorrow night, thrown by the family who I stayed with when I first moved to the NW. After that, I’m sure it will really feel like we’re leaving…. as if it didn’t already! ..Gonna be quite a wild ride, to say the least.


One Response to “Packrats”

  1. wish I could hop on a plane and be there for that today.

    Thinking of you 🙂

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